Dr. Tim Kuhlman

-Nathan in Olympia, WA | Apr 28, 2018

I'm thankful for Dr. Tim's ability cover so many of my health questions on the first visit and not schedule another visit for separate medical questions. He really took the time to assess, understand, and respond. I'm very grateful and thankful for such a quality, local, naturopathic medical professional in the Olympia area.

-Carissa in Olympia, WA | Feb 27, 2018

Dr. Tim is awesome! Finally helping me get answers and heal my gut and digestion. Super grateful to have been referred to him and that they accept Apple Health.

Yay for health and wellbeing and doctors that actually listen and help.

-KD in Olympia, WA | Jan 6, 2018

Dr. Tim Kuhlman has helped me with digestive related issues that I was told elsewhere would probably not get better.  I can tell he has quite a bit of experience in this area as I did a lot of research before finding a naturopath.  I am very happy with the significant progress I've made following the plan.  I feel like a normal person again and I'm very glad I chose to go here!  Dr. Tim Kuhlman also takes his time to look at your overall health at each visit which is nice as some doctors will only see you for one issue and not address others.  I also really like that Saturday appointments are available.

-Beth in Olympia, WA | Mar 16, 2017

I am so thankful I found Dr. Kuhlman. He is professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. He actually took the time to listen to me and was able to figure out what was really going on. He was able to figure out the reasons I have been sick for years and in a few short months, I am already feeling so much better! He has a great understanding of nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, mental health, medicine, massage, and so much more. I am so glad I found this place.

- Renee P in Lacey, WA |  May 5, 2016

I just saw Dr.Tim today for the first time. I am a person who suffers from anxiety when I see a doctor; so much so that my blood pressure rises. However, the atmosphere of this clinic, the polite staff, and calm and caring Dr. Tim really impressed me. I left feeling safe and cared for. I already have a primary care doctor, but I see myself seeing Dr. Tim much more in the future. Highly recommended.

-j.s. in Lakewood, WA | May 01, 2016

I felt that Dr. Kuhlman communicated well, took his time to get a thorough assessment of my situation, came up with several different possibilities for treatment, did not rush and had a caring, compassionate touch. I left the appointment feeling elevated, likely due to the stretches Dr. Kuhlman did on me and the hope that it might be possible for me to live without chronic pain again.

-Raymond, WA | Apr 30, 2016

I would like to thank Dr. Tim & his staff for their excellent service. They made our visit very comfortable. I have severe agoraphobia which does not let me into busy situations. Dr. Tim's staff scheduled my wife and I for back to back appointments at a time of day when we were the only patients present. Dr. Tim seems to be extremely knowledgeable and caring. He took the time to make sure we understood what he was telling us. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Tim and his staff.

-Joe S in Olympia, WA | Apr 29, 2016

professionalism, great bed side care and explains well regarding treatment options.

-Olympia, WA | Apr 28, 2016

For the first time I felt like there's a doctor who cares.. I am looking forward to future visits... I'm tired of being in pain, maybe he's the doctor I been praying for fer years.

-Jennifer M in Olympia, WA | Apr 07, 2016

Dr. Kuhlman discussed several options that I could do to help out with my current medical condition. He was very helpful and considerate during my first visit to his office.

-Ronald D in Olympia, WA | Mar 21, 2016

Very thorough, knowledgeable and professional.

-Mrs. C in Rochester, WA | Feb 11, 2016

Dr. Kuhlman was considerate and kindly professional. The office was clean and inviting. The receptionist/office manager is very pleasant. I was comfortable and pleased with my appointment and would recommend them.

- Naomi C in Olympia, WA |  Feb 4, 2016

Jim went there on 2 3 16 and was very Happy with the doctor was treated very very good. Thanks for taking care of my husband

Dr. Preeta Kuhlman

-Sierra L. | April 2017

Dr. Preeta is an excellent doctor. She thoroughly listens to her patients, has an abundance of knowledge, and consistently provides a caring experience, as well a welcoming atmosphere for her patients. I highly recommend her services for naturopathic care.

-Ellie Z. | April 2017

I have never been to a doctor that really took the time to get to know me, until now. I was impressed with the holistic approach to my personal health. It was nice to not be rushed through an exam, but rather gently guided through the best ways for a healthy life. I was slightly skeptical, having only been to western doctors, but I was put at ease instantly and felt very well taken care of. Thank you!

-T-Mamma | April 2017

I took a bit of faith on this place, and was super glad I did. Both doctors are knowledgeable, caring and professional. I never feel rushed or feel out of place here. I trust Dr. Preeta with my whole family. She is a godsend in my life. I also have to give big kuddos to their receptionist, she is very nice and calm. It's a real welcoming environment.

-Eve L. in Seattle, WA | Nov 20, 2016

Lovely experience at my appointment! Dr. Kuhlman spent quality time with me, talking about many of my medical issues! She was easy to talk to and she gave me some solutions that I had never thought of before! I would, also like to thank the office manager, Cora, for spending time printing out my extensive medical records, answering all of my many questions, and for referring me to Dr. Kuhlman! It was a great experience for me. I would go back in a heartbeat!

-Allison in Olympia, WA | Nov 19, 2016

She was friendly, thorough, and answered all of my questions.

-Lisa D. in Tenino, WA | Jul 08, 2016

She is such a great listener! It is very evident that she really cares about helping me achieve my best health!

-Aberdeen, WA | Jul 07, 2016

Dr. Kuhlman actually listened to me and HEARD me. She asked questions that made sense to me and made me feel like she was truly interested in helping me. I left feeling hopeful in my journey of feeling good and healthy. Very personable and professional. So glad to have connected with her.

-Tonya in Olympia, WA | Jul 07, 2016

Dr. Preeta Kuhlman was kind and listened. She had a plan after the first visit!

-Kristian in Centralia, WA | Jun 09, 2016

Dr. Kuhlman was very kind and listened to all of my concerns and symptoms without judgement. She took time to sit with me and go over every aspect of my health. Her caring knowledge made a huge difference and with her help we have treated and managed an ongoing medical condition that has debilitated me for years.

-Samantha Z in Olympia, WA | May 1, 2016

Dr. Preeta was exactly what I needed. She was listening, attentive, we had an actual CONVERSATION! She took the time to get to know us and out health goals. She asked how we felt about her recommendations and had several ideas for both my husband and I. It was so nice not to be ordered around or made to feel like you didn't have a choice or to have pills pushed at you, for once.

-Jen in Olympia, WA | Apr 29, 2016

She listened to everything I had to say and talk thoroughly with me about all sorts of issue even with my family. She seemed very knowledgeable and I really appreciated how I didn't feel like she was pushing product or "drugs" at me. She was very sweet as well!

-Abby in Tacoma WA | Mar 19, 2016

Such a great experience. Very knowledgeable. Gave me some great natural remedies.

-Linda H in Olympia, WA | Feb 19, 2016

Dr. Preeta is very knowledgeable and well informed for her specialty.

-JC in Olympia, WA | Feb 15, 2016

Extremely good Dr.! Very thorough intake, excellent deep listening; very comfortable to work with; sensitive client-centered process. Would highly recommend!

-Beth B. in Olympia, WA | Feb 06, 2016

I came to Preeta with some very severe health issues. Some I knew about, others I didn't realize were happening. My regular physician was not willing to dig into what could have been wrong with me, so I decided to try a more natural approach. Preeta has been very thorough in what I needed to have tested and the treatment has been easy to follow and has made a huge difference in my life. I will definitely continue with Preeta to keep myself on the road to better health.

-Anita J. in Lacey, WA | Dec 18, 2015

She CORRECTLY diagnosed my health issues simply by making me part of the diagnosis instead of assumptions based on somebody else's symptoms. Dr. Preeta is a good physician for me becuz her knowledge resonates with mine. Her spirit and energy is healing and that makes a difference. I already recommend her as a credible medical source.

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